Walif Chbeir, MD has studied radiology, particularly diagnostic and interventional radiology, for over thirty years. A Lebanon native who moved to France at eighteen years old to start his medical career, Walif earned his Doctor of Medicine from Marseille Faculty of Medicine. One year later, in 1985, he obtained a certificate for specialized studies in diagnostic radiology.

For the next decade Walif advanced his radiology knowledge through higher education. He first focused on ultrasounds, X-rays and CT scans and earned a university diploma in Abdominal Ultrasounds. Then he began training in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery) and Vascular Doppler Ultrasounds, and finally earned a diploma in MRI Clinical Practice from Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne University (formerly Université Paris 12 Val de Marne).

In 2005, when he began practicing in Canada, he joined a small team of radiologists who covered the five Centres de Santé et de Services Sociaux (socials and health services centers) across the Outaouais region in Quebec. Walif worked in diagnostic radiology for two main hospitals in the CSSS of Gatineau.

Walif Chbeir is experienced in a versatile range of diagnostic investigations, exams, and procedures. In addition to the aforementioned polyvalent competency (encompassing X-rays, mammography, ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs), he has performed ultrasound- or CT- guided breast, liver, and lung biopsies. He has also performed the following procedures:

  • Biliary drainage
  • Arthrography and joint injections
  • Thoracic/abdominal/pelvic aspiration and drainage under ultrasound or CT scan guidance
  • Diagnostic angiography and peripheral vascular procedures ( angioplasty and stent)

Walif Chbeir is motivated every day by the opportunity to save lives. Minimally invasive techniques in interventional radiology allowed him to save lives or / and to improve life quality.   His professional goal every day now, like for many radiologists, is to detect, by the different noninvasive imaging methods, pathologies and malformations at their initial stage in order to allow clinicians to early and effective care for the greatest benefit of the patient.

Note that Dr. Walif Chbeir was involved in interventional radiology only when he lived in France. Since he moved to Gatineau, Quebec from August 2005 to April 2015, his activity has been devoted exclusively to Diagnostic radiology. Since that time, Chbeir has returned to Lebanon, finding comfort in his return to his country of birth. 

Walif pursues continuous medical education in radiology. Over the years he has completed interventional radiology courses at hospitals, attended specialized symposiums and congresses and participated in meetings of industry organizations such as the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe.

Outside of work, Walif Chbeir can often be found indulging in any one of his numerous hobbies that help him pass the time and better appreciate the world around him. He is a fan of art and music, both Lebanese and international–particularly Jazz–finding the beautiful and eclectic freeform improvisation soothing and inspirational. Chbeir also enjoys literature and stays actively involved in learning about current events and politics around the world–he has been published in numerous online periodicals including Thought Catalog,  LebaNews and others.